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The employees of our company are a team of young but experienced professionals. They can surely be characterized with an enthusiastic attitude towards new challenges. Every single task is given maximum attention, which ensures its' professional outcome. Fast responses, unconventional solutions and professionalism owing to this features we manage to createUnibaltic's brand.

Management AssistantManagement Assistant
QMS DepartmentQMS Department
Chartering DepartmentChartering Department
Trading DepartmentTrading Department
Accounting DepartmentAccounting Department
Agency & Forwarding DepartmentAgency & Forwarding Department
Operations DepartmentOperations Department
Technical & Supply DepartmentTechnical & Supply Department
pracownicy unibaltic Arkadiusz Wójcik
Arkadiusz Wójcik President of the Board
pracownicy unibaltic Czesław Kowalak
Czesław Kowalak Vice President of the Board
pracownicy unibaltic Barbara Jankowska
Barbara Jankowska Management Assistant
pracownicy unibaltic Piotr Głogowski
Piotr Głogowski Designated Person Ashore / Company Security Officer +48 605073207
pracownicy unibaltic Przemysław Buchelt
Przemysław Buchelt Marine Standards Manager +48 605073469
pracownicy unibaltic Julia Zawadzka
Julia Zawadzka Safety Officer, Nautical Inspector +48 605073257
pracownicy unibaltic Karolina  Jermak
Karolina Jermak QMS Department +48 605073206
pracownicy unibaltic Maciej Kolesiński
Maciej Kolesiński IT Specialist +48 605073243
pracownicy unibaltic Marek Iwaniura
Marek Iwaniura Chartering Manager +48 605073567
pracownicy unibaltic Grzegorz Mikłaszewicz
Grzegorz Mikłaszewicz Chartering Manager +48 609584135
pracownicy unibaltic Rafał Wójcik
Rafał Wójcik Chartering Assistant +48 605073211
pracownicy unibaltic Przemysław Wójcik
Przemysław Wójcik Supply Specialist +48 605073251
pracownicy unibaltic Jolanta Porębna
Jolanta Porębna Chief Accountant
pracownicy unibaltic Karolina Sierek-Krawiec
Karolina Sierek-Krawiec Deputy Chief Accountant
pracownicy unibaltic Marta Tyc
Marta Tyc Human Resources and Pay Specialist/ Chief Accountant Assist
pracownicy unibaltic Sylwia Łakoma
Sylwia Łakoma Chief Accountant Assistant
pracownicy unibaltic Inez Romanowska
Inez Romanowska Chief Accountant Assistant
pracownicy unibaltic Elżbieta Sowa
Elżbieta Sowa Chief Accountant Assistant
pracownicy unibaltic Magdalena Barnaś
Magdalena Barnaś Chief Accountant Assistant
pracownicy unibaltic Wojciech Gumoś
Wojciech Gumoś Agent-Forwarder +48 605073240
pracownicy unibaltic Jakub Kończewicz
Jakub Kończewicz Agent-Forwarder +48 605073202
pracownicy unibaltic Zbigniew  Dulewicz
Zbigniew Dulewicz Agent-Forwarder +48 605073195
pracownicy unibaltic Kamil Rej
Kamil Rej Agent-Forwarder +48 605073115
pracownicy unibaltic Maciej Łachański
Maciej Łachański Agent-Forwarder Assistant +48 605073333
pracownicy unibaltic Michał Lesiński
Michał Lesiński Ship's Operator +48 605073103
pracownicy unibaltic Mariusz Pogodziński
Mariusz Pogodziński Ship's Operator +48 605073205
pracownicy unibaltic Leszek Wicher
Leszek Wicher Ship's Operator +48 605073200
pracownicy unibaltic Jarosław Porębski
Jarosław Porębski Technical Manager
pracownicy unibaltic Michał Wójcik
Michał Wójcik Superintendent +48 605073053
pracownicy unibaltic Robert Haszler
Robert Haszler Superintendent +48 605073264
pracownicy unibaltic Łukasz Otto
Łukasz Otto Superintendent +48605073421
pracownicy unibaltic Piotr Dąbkowski
Piotr Dąbkowski Superintendent Assistant +48 605073253
pracownicy unibaltic Ewa Grzeszczak
Ewa Grzeszczak Supply Specialist +48 605073203
pracownicy unibaltic Joanna Bieńkowska
Joanna Bieńkowska Supply Specialist +48 605073191
pracownicy unibaltic Justyna Szubert
Justyna Szubert Supply Specialist Assistant +48 605073118
pracownicy unibaltic Mariusz Niewadzisz
Mariusz Niewadzisz Supply Specialist Assistant +48 605073208


The Management's duty is controlling the current issues in the Company and representing it among the contractors. Additionaly, the Management is responsible for managing the company's property. Having the Company's best interest in mind, the Management defines its' main goals and brings strategy to life. The Board of Directors is responsible for organizing management structure and ensuring its clarity and effectiveness. It also manages all the Company issues in accordance with regulations and established practice.

Management Assistant

Responsibilities of Management Assistant include running the secretariat as well as arranging and coordinating the Management's meeting schedule. Supervising office work, ensuring correct flow of information and documents and, finally, supervising the company correspondence these are the main duties of the Management's Assistant.

QMS Department

  • assures that all the processes described in Company's Quality Management System according ISO 9001 and Safety Management System according ISM Code are well stated, implemented and maintained,
  • QMS follows OCIMF’s Tanker Management and Self-Assessment Programme to assess, measure and improve safety management systems both on-board and ashore,
  • In charge of training and seminars both for crew and shore staff.

Chartering Department

  • negotiates and signs up chartering contracts for cargoes transport - using both own and foreign ships,
  • plans, organizes and coordinates activities, which assure efficient shipping,
  • searches for cargoes and acts as an agent in signing up shipping contracts.

Trading Department

Specializes in selling all kind of ropes, from steel ropes (1mm to 60mm diameter) to specialist ropes used in cranes (also man-made ropes). We have our own warehouse in which we keep stock of mooring ropes for our customers. All goods offered by us have indispensable certificates of Classification Associations (PRS and GL).

Accounting Department

  • keeps a record of account books under the applicable legislation,
  • organizes and improves system of internal economic information,
  • runs financial economy,
  • registers calculations and consults balances with contracting parties,
  • conducts vindication of debts.

One of the duties of the Department is making sure that our employees are competent and satisfied with their work when dealing with our clients. It is our responsibility to provide information which allows you to get to know our company and make sure that you deal with a stable and trustworthy company.

Agency & Forwarding Department

  • organizes efficent services of ships calling at all Polish harbors,
  • represents particular ship-owners in contacts with cooperating companies,
  • provides constant supervision transshipment, and guarantees full agency service through quick redistribution of information,
  • arranges transshipment of all goods throughout Poland,
  • organizes products' warehousing both indoors and outdoors,
  • arranges products' warehousing in a Duty-free Customs Area.

Operations Department

  • uses ships in accordance with their current affreight. Their actions assume giving the ship-owner best possible economic results, which means taking into account such factors as obligatory systems of safety and quality (ISM, ISO),
  • supervises and closely cooperates with ships' authorities, contractors and the Company's departments in order to optimize the performance of operating duties, - keeps ongoing registers of voyages and updates relevant data,
  • carries out prompt factual controls and calculations of port charges, disbursement accounts, freight commissions and other financial obligations,
  • coordinates the processes which aim at eliminating the results of ships' or cargoes' breakdowns.

Technical & Supply Department

  • is responsible for supervises ships’ documentation and certificates, which are issued and approved by Classification Societies and Maritime Administrations,
  • supervises ships’ technical documentation, which meets requirements and rules of Classification Societies, Maritime Administrations and Maritime Organizations,
  • cooperates with Classification Societies and Maritime Administrations,
  • carries out ongoing inspections of ships and their equipment,
  • negotiates and supervises of ongoing and class repairs,
  • employs contractors to carry out repairs and service work,
  • coordinates shipyards’ repairs carried out in Polish shipyards for foreign shipowners,
  • supplies ships with equipment, spare parts, materials, provision
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