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February 2003 is the point when a limited liability company UNIBALTIC was born. Initially the Company was providing its' services basing on two leased tank vessels - Amaranth and Amethyst.

 In 2003 the company managed to buy yet another ship - Amonith. In the initial period of it's business activity ,the Company was using tankers sailing under the Polish flag. This state of fact changed in 2004, when, for economic reasons, the Company decided to change the Polish flag into a Norwegian one. So far, the Company has been able to develop steadily, which allows for a steady progress not only of the company itself, but also of the quality of services in the following areas: 
- agency service of ships calling at the Polish harbors, 
- providing logistic service and freight, 
- acting as an agent in employing Polish sailors by foreign ship-owners, 
- organizing and providing services in the field of natural environment protection, as well as preventing and eliminating pollution, 
- renovations and maintenance of ships, 
- full ships' supply, 
- sales of mooring ropes to ships.

Since 2003, when Unibaltic and Zakłady Azotowe Puławy (ZAP - the biggest European producer of artificial fertilizers) started cooperating, the Unibaltic Company has developed rapidly. Now, our cooperation is based on providing transport services of liquid and loose fertilizers, which are sold by ZAP to final receivers.
At the beginning such transport was only occasional, however our availability, universality of our ships, and competitive freight rates allowed for a quick delivery, and, resulted in establishing constant transport agreements. In order to meet the challenge, we decided to extend our fleet with another ship with a bigger deadweight-Azuryth. Having Azuryth in our fleet, we could launch regular shipping, which enabled us to adapt to the needs of our customers far better.

After one year of our business activity we decided, it was high time to expand our office. We have gone a long way and got much bigger than just a few years before. To compare - The Company had just two founders and this is the number of employees Unibaltic started with. Today its' ashore personnel consists of 30 young, qualified employees, each of whom is educated and experienced in the sea business. Currently our fleet consists of 11 ships: 9 chemical tankers (Agath, Amazonith, Amaranth, Amethyst, Amonith, Amuleth, Apatyth, Aragonith, Azuryth) and 2 bulk carrier (Thurkus, Thopas).

 In order to cooperate directly with our clients in 2005 we opened a new branch in Gdynia.

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